Studying Computer Science at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Currently working as a software developer at the Environmental Research and Design Laboratory at UH where I'm responsible for developing web applications and data acquisition tools.

I'm interested in the implementation details of data-intensive applications within large-scale data infrastructures.

ryanyt at hawaii dot edu


Distributed Parallel Processing MySQL Application

Database Systems Course Project

The assignment was to build a Java application that leverages a cluster of MySQL databases to perform parallel DDL execution, parallel SQL processing, and distributed CSV loading.

A catalog node was designated to store meta-data about the cluster. Since the data was to be sharded across the cluster based on a specified hash or range function, this metadata was necessary to orechestrate operations on the cluster.

Querries which required joins of tables located on different nodes were executed in parallel. This was done by performing a union of joins over each pair of fragments, then sending the data to a single coordination node for additional processing if needed.

I wrote shell test scripts that were used to test each of the application's functions. The scripts set up the database environment, executed the application with specific command line arguments, checked the output, and then cleaned the database environment in preparation for the next test.

database systems sharding replication CAP theorem SQL Java JDBC ANTLR MySQL

Task Point Android Application

ATT Mobile App Hackathon 2017

Task Point is a sticky note type android application that utilizes an android device's rear facing camera for quick qr-code scanning.

The application allows users to assign notes to each qr-code they have. This allows for reminders to be set for very specific locations. GPS based reminders aren't able to achieve this type of accuracy when connection is bad.

This app was completed as a minimum viable product and submitted within 24 hours for the event. My responsibilities included building the user interface and integrating the open source qr-code scanner

Task Point was conceived by my partner Aditya Kumar, who effectively connected the user interface pages with the back-end logic and provided insightful ideas as to how the app should look and feel.

android Java XML qr-scanner

Semester Schedule Visualization Web App

Data Storage and Retrieval Course Project

The goal of this project was to create a web application that utilizes a relational DBMS and any web framework. At the time of this project, my school did not have a modern registration system with a fancy user interface so I aimed to build a tool to help students visualize their upcoming semester schedule.

The front end was created using jQuery, SemanticUI, and FullCalendar. Available courses are pulled from the database and dynamically embeded into the html file. When a user clicks on an offered course, it gets added to the user's course list and displayed on the calendar. Courses that are already added may either be hidden from the calendar or deleted altogether. Once the user has a desired schedule, it may be saved for viewing at a later time.

Code available upon request.

web app UI RESTful routes DOM AJAX SQL NodeJS ExpressJS jQuery Semantic UI FullCalendar HTML CSS JavaScript

Koala Space Program

Nasa Space Apps Challenge 2016 World Semi-Finalists

Game and challenge description can be found on Nasa's website.

I programmed parts of the GUI, animations, and event handlers using C# and MonoDevelop. Created a weather module that simulates passing time on Mars by programming a light source to rotate around the terrain.

Team members: Joshua Nishiguchi, Aditya Kumar, and Stephani Diep, made this project a great success.

game development C# Unity Blender

Push Box

ATT Mobile App Hackathon 2016 2nd Place Winner

My team and I created a smart mailbox unit and android application that will notify a user when mail has been inserted or removed from one's mailbox.

The hardware implementation consisted of a Raspberry Pi 2 B+, USB postage scale, wired switches, external battery, WiFi antenna, and a custom made mailbox platform.

I was responsible for programming the login pages on the android device using Java. My team members developed a C program that takes in data from the USB scale and pushes it to the server.

It was a pleasure working with Joshua Nishiguchi, Aditya Kumar, Stephani Diep, Oliver Sou, James Park, and Reed Shinsato for this project.

android IOT C Java Raspberry Pi Linux


I received a BA in Communicology studying human communication processes and functions from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Currently, I am pursuing my interests in distributed systems and expect to graduate with a Master's in Computer Science during the fall of 2018.

In my free time I enjoy being outdoors, especially out in the water bodysurfing. Here is a photo of me rock climbing with a good friend!